Driving distractions and how they can hinder you

When it comes to driving distractions there are four common ones that come to mind: Food and drink, cell phones and other people. Each individual category has a lot of other sub texts which will be talked about later in this article.

Driving distractions

So is this distracted driving a serious problem in the United States? You bet. Distracted driving is what causes more than nine vehicle accidents a day, 1060 of which results in physical injury according to an article on the CDC web site. The same site also suggests that drivers under the age of 20 are more susceptible to a wreck than the rest of us. Which leads to the next question.

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How does one avoid all these distractions? The answer for each distraction is a little bit different.


If you are going to eat drink while driving, first of all it absolutely should never be alcohol. Most states have open container laws which prohibit drivers from having open bottles of alcohol in their vehicle while driving. [Read more…]

Avoiding a skid on icy roads.

The time of year is rapidly approaching where the unaware driver may find himself careening down an icy road, bouncing off the curb, trimming down mail boxes and coming to rest against a parked car. According to the US Department of Transportation there are about 190,000 accidents due to icy roads annually. This includes only those serious enough to be reported. It is likely there are more minor accidents, like skidding off the road into the ditch, that are never reported.

car skid on icy roads

Every driver knows that icy roads are slippery. In his book, “Mechanics of Pneumatic Tires“, Samuel K. Clark establishes a numerical measurement to this slippery condition by listing a chart of Coefficient of Road Adhesion (Cr). Within that chart he shows dry asphalt and concrete having a Cr of .8 to .9; ice has a Cr of .1. Traction is reduced by 80 percent to 90 percent compared to a dry road surface. Since this book was published in 1981 tire manufacturers have made some significant progress in tires designed for winter driving. [Read more…]

Packing for Trips Covering Different Climates

Packing for Trips Covering Different ClimatesIt can happen that our foreign travel would cover different countries or even different continents. If this is the case in your next travel, you should of course expect to experience changes in climate throughout your trip.

Certainly, we wear different clothing in different temperatures. This underscores the importance of packing clothes and accessories that can either keep us warm or make us feel fresh.


All-Weather Wardrobe for Your Trip

Just like many others, I love to travel. My reasons for traveling are as wide-ranging as the clothes I bring with me: explore the world, meet new people, discover new cultures, get away from work for a bit – the list goes on. The only part I don’t like about the entire trip is the plane ride. Despite flying for years now, I still haven’t outgrown my fear of flying. [Read more…]