Packing for Trips Covering Different Climates

Packing for Trips Covering Different ClimatesIt can happen that our foreign travel would cover different countries or even different continents. If this is the case in your next travel, you should of course expect to experience changes in climate throughout your trip.

Certainly, we wear different clothing in different temperatures. This underscores the importance of packing clothes and accessories that can either keep us warm or make us feel fresh.


All-Weather Wardrobe for Your Trip

Just like many others, I love to travel. My reasons for traveling are as wide-ranging as the clothes I bring with me: explore the world, meet new people, discover new cultures, get away from work for a bit – the list goes on. The only part I don’t like about the entire trip is the plane ride. Despite flying for years now, I still haven’t outgrown my fear of flying. [Read more…]