Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Tile Showers

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Tile Showers 1

Get the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Close your eyes and imagine a brand new, redesigned shower stall. With a clean, immaculate shower tray and bright, glossy walls. This is a dream that can be your reality with smart planning, optional home improvement work and, of course, some money.

Homeowners like you have felt the pain of dingy, non-functional showers, but they have turned everything around. You can too! See what these homeowners have done to get inspired for your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Tile Showers 1

Tie a Tub and Shower Together

If you have two different services in a room, you risk visual chaos. For example, a smooth acrylic bathtub trim can collide with the tile cladding of a shower. To avoid this, try matching materials.

Pearl Interiors ‘ design for the Chateau Beaumont project goes well with a generous wooden border bathtub and an adjacent shower stall. By using the same type of natural stone for both the shower and the tub environment, Pearl cleverly connects the two facilities.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Tile Showers 2

Do Some of the Work Yourself

Any homeowner who wants to remodel a shower is also likely to look for ways to cover the cost. A proven, death-proof way to save money on a shower conversion is to tear down the area itself.

Even if you hired a full-service contractor to build the shower, this is a task any homeowner can take on. Contractors are used to homeowners doing preliminary work themselves. Just talk to the contractor beforehand so that you can prepare the area according to the specifications.

DIY home textile blogger Sara and his husband Steve managed to find time in their busy lifestyle to demonstrate the workspace in the bathroom itself. This has the advantage that they were able to assess a rotted support beam well before the workers arrived.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Tile Showers

Upgrade Your Tile

You’ll love your redesigned shower even more if you top it oversized and feature a light-filled, frameless shower stall. Designer Jenna Burger did just that when she made her shower tile herself. With enough space for a bath chair and plenty of light falling through the frameless glass case, this shower will never leave you again.

DIY shower tiles vs. rents of a pro
Should you make your own shower tile? While Jenna has done the tile work herself, this is a tile task that needs serious consideration before immersion.

Wall, backsplash and even floor tiles differ as these areas are less affected by water. In the case of showers, however, the tolerance of errors is almost zero, as even the smallest cracks or seams can cause water to damage the underlying structure of the house.

Should You Include the Tub?

Whenever homeowners have decided to redesign their shower/bathtub combinations, the tub has had to be removed and discussed only with showers. Kim and Scott of Yellow Brick Home bucked the trend, not only retaining the tub but replacing it with a smooth, white-enameled tub of cos-iron Kohler bellwether. They called up the retro look by adding a ceramic control plate from Kohler’s antique line.

Questions to consider to decide whether or not to use the tub:

Do you actually use the bathtub or does it seem like a good idea?
Can you recast your current tub and save money?
Do you have children or do you expect children? It’s easier to bathe children in tubs than in showers.
Will elderly or disabled people use this bathing facility? With their high walls, it can be difficult to get into bathtubs; Showers are much easier.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Tile Showers

Raise the Roof for Better Air Circulation

Closed environments such as showers retain moisture and tend to form mould and mold. Abying fans are one way to combat the problem. But fans consume electricity and are not always effective. It is better to increase the air circulation on the ceiling.

Open-air shower ceilings
Malboeuf Bowie Architecture was designed for this luxurious living space in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood.

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